Happy French Learning

Happy French Learning (HFL), located in Mississauga, offers versatile custom programs to all levels in a 100% French  environment. HFL offers innovative programs, camps, activities and experiences that inspire students to grasp an excellent command of the French language and culture. Students from all grades – elementary school to university and business level will benefit from the available programs.



Happy French Learning offers a rich selection of French camps for students in senior kindergarten - grade 6 for students in French Immersion, Extended French and Core French. Programs are offered in the summer and during March Break. Students experience challenging French workshops, review grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking. Fun French activities include songs, dancing, drawing, creative and artistic games keeping kids engaged.


HFL values the importance of practicing French outside of the classroom, providing a positive learning atmosphere where students feel comfortable.  In a warm environment, students will improve their listening, pronunciation and reading skills.

Through Happy French Learning, it’s guaranteed that:

  • Our environment is positive, lively, innovative and fun.
  • We communicate with a Parisian accent
  • We are knowledgeable and in line with the Curriculum of Ontario for each French grade and level
  • We will improve your speaking, reading and writing
  • We will coach you to be confident and motivated
  • We will provide all course materials, books, sheets and technical evaluation strategies
  • We will be professional, punctual and helpful
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100 Matheson Blvd East, Suite 201

Mississauga, Ontario  L4Z 3P8

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