Hearst University


Small university community in northern Ontario, Hearst University stands out by offering current block. Through teaching, research and community engagement, the University promotes the cultural and economic development of the region, while promoting the language and French culture. Thus, it contributes to the advancement of a society based on the values ​​of freedom, equality, justice, openness, solidarity, respect for people and environmental protection.


The team of student leadership and mentoring is spread over three campuses, which ensures that in each place a vibrant academic community. The learning hubs provide support services, even spaces to teamwork. The year is punctuated by social, voluntary, cultural, sports and outdoors, no surprise given the presence of the boreal forest. This gives the university landscape a natural beauty that invites discovery.


Cultural diversity shines on all campuses, these welcoming students from over a dozen countries. Some are joining the academic community for the duration of BA, other time to do a session or a year through a mobility agreement with institutions in France. Internationalization is a growing facet and university services evidenced as to home in orientation period in the context of student activities. The region internships are highly valued as those abroad.

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60, 9e Rue

Hearst, Ontario  P0L 1N0

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