Robert Freynet, visual artist

Robert Freynet, a Canadian visual artist, was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His studio is situated in the pastoral setting of Sainte-Geneviève, Manitoba. Trained at the École Internationale de Bordeaux, France, Freynet has made his mark in the Canadian art scene since 1975, with many paintings, public murals, and published illustrations.

His graphic novels include Louis Riel en bande dessinée, published in 1990, which quickly became a sold-out bestseller. In 2002, he published La Vérendrye, explorateur de l’Ouest canadien, nominated for a Prix Deschambault in 2003. His latest graphic novel entitled Louis Riel, Patriot, published in 2016, exposes surprising facts and sheds new light on the quintessentially Canadian Riel story.


In the comic book workshop, we put pencil to paper to explore the world of comics and graphic novels. Through this workshop, Robert Freynet demystifies the ninth art.

The various elements such as speech balloons, expressions, bio-dynamics, framing, and page layout are demonstrated, through a hands-on approach.

The author also speaks about his experience as a graphic novelist and his production techniques. He shows examples of his work.

The art of comics is a powerful tool for personal creation, allowing the student to integrate drawing, reading and writing while having fun!


Lessons in drawing techniques: 2D, 3D, perspective, etc.

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C.P. 47 GRP 20 RR2

Sainte-Anne, Manitoba  R5H 1R2

Grade 7 - Grade 12
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