TV5MONDE, originally called TV5, is an International Francophone television channel with it's headquarters in Paris France. It distributes worldwide through various television networks and is viewed in more than 257 million households in over 200 countries and territories worldwide, making it the second largest television network. Since 1988, TV5 has been laying claim to a unique position among Canadian television broadcasters. Thanks to its lively and dynamic programming, TV5 has contributed to the promotion and dissemination of the social and linguistic diversity of French-speaking culture from within Canada and abroad.

The TV5MONDE website has become one of the leading French media sites in the world. The site offers a range of news, content, resources, services and free multimedia tools including:

  • A section for teachers and learners, "Learning and teaching with TV5" which provides educational tools and on-line learning programs
  • A guide to personalized and regional programs
  • Six newspapers devoted to world events and economic videos plus specialized magazines on science and French language
  • Featured articles written by its reporters (The eye of writing)
  • Thematic sections: music, film, world cultures, literature, travel, sports, games and entertainment
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