Simon Fraser University | French Programs

SFU is the only university in British Columbia that offers you the possibility of studying in various disciplines in both of Canada’s official languages.

Do you want to keep up your French after high school? Explore our bilingual programs:

OPTION 1: French Cohort Program in Public and International Affairs

  • Entirely bilingual program
  • Student exchange in Europe or in Quebec
  • Access to exclusive bursaries and awards
  • Small classes | French-language support
  • Student Life in French | Community-based projects

Ideal if you are envisioning a career in…

Politics | Law | Diplomacy | International relations | Public relations | Journalism | Teaching | Culture | Communications | Project management | Tourism and more…

OPTION 2: Department of French

  • A variety of options for those who are passionate about French: Courses in French language, linguistics, literature and culture
  • Several program options: Majors, Minors, Certificates…

Perfect if… you LOVE the French language, you would like to become a teacher or if you simply want to add a French-language dimension to your degree in order to have access to numerous bilingual careers.

OPTION 3: Elective courses in French

  • Courses offered in French in a variety of subjects that can easily be integrated into your program of study (Political Science, History, French, Health Science, etc.)
  • Possibility of taking these elective courses no matter which program you are studying in at SFU

The best option for you if... the program you are interested in at SFU is only offered in English

Studying at SFU also means having access to a number of activities, events and opportunities in French outside the classrooms. Visit our website for more details:

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8888 University Drive

Burnaby, British Columbia  V5A 1S6

Grade 9 - Grade 12
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