The Willow Bunch Museum

The Willow Bunch Museum occupies 2 floors of the old Convent of the village. The corridors and rooms on each floor are packed full of artifacts.

The room, dedicated to the memory of Edouard Beaupré is the most famous collection, contains a life size statue of the Giant, his original 9 foot long bed, many of his personal items (overcoat, shoes, baptismal record, etc.), and numerous photographs.

The room with the original chapel of the convent, pays tribute to the Sisters of the Cross who founded our historic building.
Other rooms have research materials, history books and other publications. The First Floor Corridor Display of Charles Skinner, one of the first Air Ambulance pilots in southern Saskatchewan.

There are also other displays containing various artifacts from days before running water and electricity. The museum usually hires one or more students to help them out during the summer months. The Willow Bunch Museum is holding specific celebrations to commemorate special events.

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8 Edouard Beaupré Street

Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan  S0H 4K0

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