International Francophone Film Festival

CINERGIE is the International Francophone Film Festival located in Saskatoon. Each year in May, the festival takes place at the Roxy Theater. During one week, you will be able to watch Canadian and international francophone films in French with English subtitles, discuss with invited talents (directors, producers, comedians) and participate in the activities.

Cinergie is the only festival of Francophone cinema in SK and one of the few bilingual events in town.

Field Trips
A part of the Festival is dedicated to the French immersion schools and French schools with specific movies for children. This film program includes various main events as Spotlights on the West, the Opening Night, the Families Afternoons, and the Mystery Screening. In addition, Cinergie Festival is one of many events during the year.
Cinergie has partnerships with: the Francophones Associations, Roxy Theater, la Tournée Québec Cinéma, Remai Modern, and Saskatoon Public Library.

The Festival offers to all schools teaching French a selection of movies suitable for all levels, through high school levels. A discussion led by the Festival organizers is offered after each screening. A teaching-aid Package is provided to prepare the students to the projection.

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320 20th St. West

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  S7M 0X2

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